About Tamara

Hi, Friend! I’m so glad you’re here…

I’ve always been fascinated with words and stories –
the way a word turns and gives meaning, and stories
shared, like special sacred secrets, at family gatherings. Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to writing, to stories – yours and mine.

A story thread that runs through my life is freedom – freedom from and freedom to. Freedom from abuse, an eating disorder, religious legalism, labels & boxes, to living freely as the person God created me to be.

I would love to come alongside and encourage you in your personal relationship with Jesus as you live fully and freely enjoying life. I created this space as a way to encourage and help you live in freedom. So, take what is helpful and leave the rest.

When I’m not on social media you can usually find me reading & writing, studying theology & doctrine, taking photos, trips with my family to Disneyland, playing with my dog and playing the occasional video game with my son and husband. I call the Arizona desert my home, the wide-open spaces speak freedom to my soul.

You can reach me here or on any one of my social media platforms.
Your Friend, Tamara

My handle is @TamaraRH
My handle is tamararhay


2 thoughts on “About Tamara

  1. Hello Tami! I found your website after reading your many, incredibly thoughtful comments about the topic of Biblical submission on another woman’s website from over a year ago and I just need to say thank you. You are a breath of fresh air and I appreciated reading your very insightful and Biblically sound (not cherry-picked) comments on a very debatable topic. It is a subject I struggle with and just want to keep learning about as a new and young Christian.

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    • Hi Ashley, thank you for your kind and thoughtful words! It’s always encouraging to hear when something written speaks to you.😃 Biblical submission is a very debatable subject as you said and can sometimes be difficult to write objectively. It is a subject near and dear to my heart and one I plan to continue writing about from time to time.

      I found your website and can’t wait to read your posts!

      Wishing you a great day and wonderful weekend!😃

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