Slinging Hope


I’m a huge fan of the television show Designated Survivor starring Kiefer Sutherland as President Tom Kirkman.

During a recent episode (S2 Ep5 Suckers) President Kirkman had an opportunity to respond to a senator and friend who had slung some “mud” on him publicly, painting him as someone who actually dislikes and doesn’t care about the American people. This, of course, was false.

The president’s inner circle of confidants kept urging him to sling mud back at the senator, yet he hesitated. When speaking with his Chief of Secret Service, Mike, he urged the president, “Sling hope, not mud – that’s who you are, sir.”

Have you ever had “mud” slung at you? Perhaps someone said something hurtful, maybe even harmful in order to tear you down and build up themselves? Maybe you slung some mud back at them? Or, perhaps you’ve slung mud at yourself, believing the lie that you somehow deserve it because you’re not _________ (fill in the blank) enough.

Friend, I’ve been there. I’ve unintentionally hurt others with my words and I’ve also been wounded by others’ careless words. Most of the time, I sling mud at myself.

Unfortunately, it happens because we’re human living in a fallen world with imperfect people who sometimes hurt each other, especially the ones we love the most.

I’ve seen some Christians on social media “sling mud” by judging and condemning others in order to prop up themselves making them feel better for the moment, appear more godly, and become popular. I admit, at times, I let this discourage me from writing. I wonder, “what good will it do?” And then, God compassionately reminds me “why” He gave me the gift of words…for you, my readers, friends, and family.

And so, this is why I write…to connect with you, my readers, encouraging you (and myself) in your personal relationship with God. I want to sling hope to you, pointing you to Jesus, who is our HOPE in this ever-changing world in which sometimes hope is hard to find.

Life is tough enough. Let’s be Slingers of  Hope because that’s who we are, not Slingers of Mud.

Never, ever give up. The talents you have, you have for a reason – to help others; and you help them more than you may realize.

Sling HOPE.~

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6 thoughts on “Slinging Hope

  1. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for writing the encouraging truth the Lord fills your heart, mind and spirit with! You are faithfully, courageously using the gift of writing God has given you, and He is using every syllable for HIS purposes. So thankful you are NOT giving up!
    The world needs “Christ in you”, Tamara-style!!! ☺

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  2. Hi Tamara!
    I love this entry. Have you ever felt that you’ve read something that was written just for you? Slinging Hope was that entry.
    First, I have to remember not to speak harshly about others. Second, I need to stop speaking harshly about myself. Words can’t be taken back.
    I’m starting back in the blogosphere and will take tips from what I’ve read on your entry in terms of content and writing style.
    Christina Reneé

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    • Hi Christina, thank you for stopping by. I’m happy this post spoke to you, friend.I know you’ve had a rough time – I’m so very thankful you’re here. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your blog. Take care of yourself. ❤


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